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Zytech LED will participate in the MATELEC 2016 fair

This year Zytech LED will participate in the MATELEC 2016 fair. To expose their latest LED products manufactured for the European market, in the Hall of LIGHTEC. The fair MATELEC 2016, gives the Southern European lighting industry an opportunity to show their business, including installers, warehouses, distributors, architects, lighting designers, interior designers, manufacturers.

Plano Stand Zytech Ubicación

In the Zytech LED STAND, the Compatible T Smart Series tube will be displayed. This product has had a great acceptance in the US market, saving on installation, and its incentives that support the replacement of a traditional LED fixture. The Compatible T Smart Series tube allows direct replacement for the traditional tube (with electronic or magnetic ballast), without rewiring, maintaining CE standards.

Aside of Zytech’s new T8 tubes, they will showcase their new Downlight, LED Panels, and High Bay series/design. Other products that Highlight the identity of Zytech is their streetlights that combine 2 product lines: Zytech’s Solar panels with and their LED street luminaries from Zytech LED’s SLAC Series.

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